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Value, Function and Aesthetics By Way Of Pavers

It has been 2 years since my family and I moved to our current house. The house has a big yard and it is airy which is good for the kids to play. I also like the wide surroundings perfect  for barbecues and for entertaining friends. I’ve made a brick barbecue and oven in the backyard which added to the appeal of the house. I really love cooking using the oven for the barbecue. It somehow gives a rustic appeal to the house. Modular walls were already installed when we moved in so there is less noise going in the house which is a good thing when we want to relax.

I always wanted to have concrete or brick pavers to compliment the landscaping. Our old address has concrete driveway pavers installed and I find it functional as well as beautiful. It added value to our old address and when we sold it, we were able to command a good price for the property. My wife and I decided to have pavers installed in our present address. We wanted to have the same effect: aesthetics and added value to our present property. We decided to install these interlocking blocks for our driveway and patios of the house.  Presently, poured concrete is used in the driveway and it is showing cracks, so we thought it will be better to replace it with something better and more durable. We decided to have concrete pavers for the patio and  clay brick pavers for the driveway. I personally installed the pavers on our old home so doing the same job will be easier this time. First, we talked to our masonry supplies contractor to make a quote for us. A brochure was sent to us where we checked the products if there are new designs available and then, we decided to what color and pattern we would like to have on our project. The blocks were delivered 2 days after talking to the contractor.

I worked on installing the blocks every weekend. I laid out the groundwork and the design. It took me about 5 weeks to finish the project and set the pavers nicely to the ground. I think I did a good job because there were no loose pieces. The color we have chosen complimented the surroundings nicely. My in-laws visited us last weekend and they gave us a thumbs up about the brick and concrete pavers. The blocks are made from molds so it allows easy installation and precision shaping. The concrete pavers mimic the look and feel  of natural stone and are much cheaper than natural  stone pavers. It’s very  easy to maintain with regular sweeping and occasional rinsing. I’ve also applied sealants to protect the surface. An individual block is pretty easy to replace in case it breaks. Unlike poured concrete, these pavers move with the earth. It allows the paving system for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks. It will stay strong and durable for years if it is laid down correctly. It has a non skid surface which makes our home safer for everyone especially the kids.

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