As soon as I arrived in Crested Butte, I stopped to paint the first thing that interested me – (instead of wasting time roaming around, thinking a better view was around the corner) – a wonderful, old leaning barn in the backyard of Shaun and Dawn Horne, owners of Oh Be Joyful Gallery.  What caught my eye was the dark barn in contrast against the lighter, pile of dirty white melting snow – many contrasts of color and temperature.

Immediately after finishing the barn painting, I wandered around to the front of the house; across the street was a white house with the green and red trim.  The old house was surrounded by snow which had slid off the roof, gathering over the winter. The day was very cold with little sunshine. This charming “white” house was very colorful, very cool and wonderful to paint.

The skies darkened and it began to snow.  With a few more hours still left in the day, I set up to paint, just off the main street (Elk Street), the community church with Mount Crested Butte in the background. As the snow fell, I painted – oil paint and snow (oil and water) don’t mix. Wanting to paint in the snow was why I had come to the area.
End of the first day – a good day, this was going to be a great painting trip. I just felt it!  Three plain air paintings completed! Tired, I was looking forward to what the next day would bring.

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