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Shatter me 2 Book Review

Enter all five feet, eleven inches of  Adam, a boy who has watched Juliette from afar since childhood, and is now thrust closer to her (literally and figuratively) than anybody else in her life. He’s protecting Juliette before she even understands the extent of his feelings for her, and the want that she feels is reciprocated and then some. The scene where she discovers that Adam is immune to her touch includes this thought: “…he’s holding me the way no one has ever held me before. Like he wants me.” So much of this story revolves around “want” in my mind. As human beings we’re wired to be wanted; we crave attention and feelings that bring us a sense of validity. Juliette has been missing this for so long, so when Adam re-enters her world, it bowls her over. Also, can we talk about how airugfaqwersdarjk the shower scenes were?! The quote I used above is hands down one of my favourites of Tahereh’s specifically and also a top one overall.

I guess in the most straightforward sense, I’m “Team Adam.” I think their history links them in a deep way whose meaning we don’t fully understand yet (I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS BIRD IN HER DREAMS AND ON HIS CHEST THAT LINKS THEM LIKE I NEED AIR), and his love for her is unmarred in a way that Warner’s is. Adam sees Juliette as “the only good thing left in this world,” whereas Warner views her as a tool that he can use to his own advantage. But, that being said, if my thoughts on Warner were to have a status, it would be: IT’S COMPLICATED.

Warner is, for all intents and purposes, the evil guy. Having just read the first book, I couldn’t see how people could plausibly be “Team Warner.” He is depicted as being so inherently BAD that there don’t seem to be any redeeming qualities. My feelings about him changed quite a bit after reading Destroy Me and Unravel Me (but not because of Chapter 62 o); we’ll talk about those developments later this week!

What makes Warner fascinating, to me, is that he truly believes he’s doing the right thing. Rather than blindly following his father’s orders, he thinks the cause he’s supporting is accomplishing something that will make the destroyed earth a better place. And while Juliette is on one hand a pawn in the greater game he is playing, he feels a connection to her that makes their relationship far from straightforward. Even Juliette comprehends where he’s coming from from time to time, but what continues to separate her from him is her desire to be better. As Juliette spends time with Warner, her emotions move from hate to a much more muddled state: feeling sorry for him. He’s possessive, but is also looking for acceptance, recognition and love, just like she is. I think when she realises this, it forms a bond that is not initially expected, and one that carries on into Unravel Me.

I like how Tahereh develops characters who, just like people, are multifaceted, showing that it’s not always as simple as being good or bad. I think she’s done something unique in making both the protagonist and antagonist desirable (again, for me this happened more after reading beyond the first novel). We don’t really know who to root for all the time; I’ve never been more unsure of where a story will take me in its concluding installment, and that’s an intriguing thing to experience.